Mule deer hunt - Nebraska


December 7, 2013 / 0 Comments

In the heart of flyover country. Camper awkwardly propped in the barn. Vacate into 5 am gray, cloudy darkness – late November. Temperature hovers at zero without wind, the sun hasn’t risen yet. Break crust across the ranch to the edges. Begin the day watching darkness. Definition in the canyons comes with sunrise. Wyoming in the distance, […]

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December 2, 2013 / 2 Comments

Back of the truck. Dog, birds and loose feathers. Waited until last light. Shots and a daredevil retrieve during the final moments of day. Long drive west tonight, an almost full bag and tired dog. Close the tailgate and head home.

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March 23, 2013 / 0 Comments
Maps are studied and miles of forest walked. Images capture an amazing progression of the seasons - spring to summer, summer to fall and the changes of the elk in our backyard. Early morning drives up the canyon, sprints up the ridge to explore, moving a little farther than the last time  - all parts of [...]
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February 19, 2013 / 0 Comments
The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts - Yvon Chouinard
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